Pavement Engineering Society (Singapore)

26th Singapore Symposium on Pavement Technology (SPT2021 e-Symposium)

The SPT 2021 was held online on 25 Nov 2021. The symposium was jointly organised by the Pavement Engineering Society (Singapore) and the Center for Transportation Research of the National University of Singapore, and supported by the Asian Pavement Engineering Society.

The symposium had received a total of 445 registered participants from 28 countries.

The symposium comprised two sessions with a total of 8 speakers.

Session 1 – Innovation in Pavement Materials

Moderated by A/Prof. Ong Ghim Ping Raymond, National University of Singapore

  1. Vincent Guwe, Shell Eastern Petroleum (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore – Decarbonisation and Sustainable Development for Bitumen & Asphalt Pavements.
  2. A/Prof. Peerapong Jitsangiam, Chiang Mai University, Thailand – Development of Future Road Base Materials based on the Multi-Function Material Concept and the Sustainability.
  3. A/Prof. Liao Min Chih, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan – Design and Evaluation of Plastic Pavements Using 3D Printing Technique.
  4. Jia Lu, Kraton Polymers Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore – Application of Porous Asphalt in Wearing Course.

Panel Discussion for Session 1

Session 2 – New Technologies for Pavement Engineering

Moderated by Dr Jia Lu, Kraton Polymers Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

  1. A/Prof. Ong Ghim Ping Raymond, National University of Singapore – Light Weight Deflectometer as Means for Pavement Construction Quality Control and Assurance.
  2. Tan Jun Yew, Samwoh Innovation Centre, Singapore – Testing and Monitoring of Pavement Structural Health at Network Level in Singapore.
  3. Charles Kohsikaporn, Roadbounce Global Pte Ltd, Singapore – Integrated Roughness Investigation System (IRIs)
  4. Than Than Nyunt, Land Transport Authority, Singapore – Data Analysis and Visualisation for Pavement Management.

Panel Discussion for Session 2

The SPT 2021 was successfully organized and we hope to meet again next year at SPT 2022.

Council members of the Pavement Engineering Society and organising committee of the SPT 2021